Blind digital artist organises eight-day Lincoln festival of sound

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A blind digital artist frustrated by years of attending events which relied on the use of both eyes and ears has been inspired to create her own Lincoln festival of sound.

The second Sonophilia Festival has been organised by Amie Slavin, and will take place over eight days from September 30 to October 7, following on from the initial event in 2014.

The festival will involve live music, sound art installations, and sonic experimentation from national and international artists.

It will also include a two-day professional development conference for audio aspirants of all kinds.

Amie, who is also acting as the festival director, said: “The idea for the festival arose from my own frustrations, as a blind person, going to events sold as being all about sound.

“In the end, though, they turned out to be about mixed media — which meant I, and other guests, had to look at something to enjoy the festival.

“Unable to see, this made me cross and inspired me to create a festival of sound for Lincoln.

“Sonophilia is all about celebrating sound in and of itself, not as mixed media or as a conceptual thing. Our goal is to encourage people to expand their audio palette, try something new and expand the breadth and depth of what they think they know and enjoy about sound and music.”

Over 150 people will parade through the streets of Lincoln, singing and playing instruments from 5pm on Friday, September 30 to launch the festival.

A full schedule has not yet been finalised but venues hosting events will include the Drill Hall, Alive Church, Café Aroma, Café Portico, St Nicholas Church and Joiners Arms.

Peter Knott, Area Director, Arts Council England, added: “Sonophilia Festival promises to be an exciting and unique series of events for Lincoln.

“Our investment will help bring a range of exceptionally talented artists to Lincoln and, as a result, we hope people take note that sound is an incredibly wonderful thing that offers us a very special way of connecting with and enjoying the world – something that should most definitely be celebrated and not taken for granted.”

Sonophilia Festival 2016 is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, in addition to Visit Lincoln Cultural Arts Partnership.

Other sponsors include Springbok Computers and Acoustic Nations.

The full festival programme will be available soon by visiting the Sonophilia Festival website.

Tickets for the professional development conference at the Alive Church can be purchased here.

Tickets for an electronica concert, titled Electromatronic at Sonophilia, at St Nicholas Church on Sunday, October 2, can be purchased here.

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