Former Lincoln MP criticises peerage nomination for Labour antisemitism report author

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A former Lincoln MP has heavily criticised Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s decision to nominate the author of the party’s report into antisemitism for a peerage.

Gillian Merron, who is now the chief executive of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, suggested that Shami Chakrabarti’s antisemitism inquiry within the Labour Party was “something of a whitewash”.

Merron represented Lincoln as a member of the Labour Party from 1997 to the 2010 general election until she was ousted by Conservative Karl McCartney.

In an interview with BBC News, Merron added that “it was beyond disappointment” to see the Labour leader nominate the civil liberties campaigner for a peerage as part of David Cameron’s resignation honours.

She said: “It looks like a real question about the independence of the Chakrabarti report into antisemitism which was lauded by the leader of the Labour Party.

“It looks like the award of the peerage for the delivery of a report which was something of a whitewash and a real disappointment to many in the Jewish community.”

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