Lincoln couple’s horror after air rifle pellet discovered in pet cat’s skull

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Lincoln villagers have been left devastated after their two-year-old pet cat was shot in the eye with an air rifle pellet. Luckily, Gertrude survived to tell the tale.

Donna Anderson and Julian Taylor’s cat Gertrude returned to her home in Sturton-by-Stow on August 8 with horrific injuries.

After going to a vets a .177 air rifle pellet was found lodged in her jaw and the cat was forced to have her eye removed.

“Gertrude doesn’t tend to go very far, generally around the back gardens to use so we feel devastated that it is likely that someone so close to us has done this to her,” said Donna.

“She is very lucky to be alive as the pellet went through her eye and into the jaw but it will be a long recovery for her as she has extensive bruising to her mouth which is affecting her eating.

“There is also uncertainty about whether she may sustain any neurological damage.”

A .177 air rifle bullet was found inside Gertrude’s jaw

“This rings true for many other local residents in the village with animals, who have been horrified to hear what has happened in what we thought was a safe community.”

Donna also said that the event has been very unsettling for the whole family.

“We really would like to raise awareness that this has happened as there are numerous animal owners in the village and would be grateful of any information at all.

“We also hope that the coward who has done this is made to realise the damage they have caused in the hope that they have some conscience and do not repeat their actions.”

Donna and Julian are offering a reward for anyone with information that leads to the culprit. Email [email protected].