August 7, 2017 3.43 pm This story is over 77 months old

RIP Elmo: Injured albino sea lion dies despite best efforts of Lincolnshire sanctuary

Elmo has sadly died from his injuries.

A Lincolnshire sea sanctuary has announced the death of their rare albino sea lion, Elmo.

Natureland Sea Sanctuary in Skegness rescued Elmo on Wednesday, July 26.

However, he was sadly found with injuries to his tail, head and face, was breathing badly and was considerably underweight.

Photo: Natureland Seal Sanctuary

The sea lion was placed on antibiotics but took a turn for the worse on Friday, August 4 before passing away on Sunday, August 6.

David Yeadon told Lincolnshire Reporter: “Unfortunately these events do occur and it is very sad and it shows just how much of a difficult job we have here.

“A postmortem will take place where they will be able to give us more information and it might be useful for the future if something like this happens in the future and we will be better prepared.”

Photo: Natureland Seal Sanctuary

It’s not all doom and gloom at the sanctuary with David adding: “We do have a lot of seals currently heading in the right direction.”

Elmo only the eighth albino sea lion Natureland had rescued in their 52-year history.