December 4, 2017 9.28 am This story is over 76 months old

Lincoln Brayford freezes as temperatures plummet

Winter is here!

Lincolnites were treated to a picturesque scene this morning as a film of glassy ice formed over the Brayford, beneath a harvest moon.

Temperatures plummeted overnight on Sunday, December 3, covering Lincoln with frost… and it’s not going to get much warmer!

Photo by reader David Blunt.

Met Office forecasters predict that most of Monday, December 4 it will be a dry day with sunny spells with a maximum temperature 10 °C.

Overnight it is likely to be dry with a minimum temperature of 3 °C.

From Tuesday, weather is likely to be cloudy with maximum temperatures of 9 °C, with rain possible throughout the day.

From Wednesday to Friday, December 8 temperatures are likely to drop once more with blustery and cold winds expected.