December 12, 2017 3.20 pm This story is over 76 months old

Lost owl sits on the fence in Lincoln

Sitting on a fence and watching on as people enjoy McDonald’s.

A lost owl has been spotted sitting on a fence in central Lincoln.

The European eagle owl has been flying around the University of Lincoln Brayford campus.

This afternoon it has been sitting on a fence and watching on as people enjoy McDonald’s across the road.

It’s believed this is an European owl possibly lost after the market

The bird is wearing mews jesses, which likely indicates the owner didn’t intend on losing it.

The bird escaped from a display at the Lincoln Christmas Market this weekend.

Later update: The bird is called Jesse and he’s a 22 year old European Eagle Owl.  He is friendly and not dangerous and the owners lost him at around 8pm on Thursday at the Christmas Market from Westgate School.

If you spot the bird, contact Julie Adams on 07923 259865.