December 20, 2017 6.08 am This story is over 76 months old

Who’s right? Debate over Lincoln pavement patch-up after girl takes a tumble

Quite a debate.

A Lincoln dad has called temporary road patching works on High Street a safety hazard after his seven-year-old daughter tripped over.

Last month, Lincolnshire County Council announced its £800,000 project to repave a section of the High Street near to the level crossing was delayed.

Work was supposed to have been completed before the Christmas Market. Instead, contractors filled unfinished sections of the road temporarily with tarmac so that people could use the space during the market weekend.

Neil Green contacted The Lincolnite to complain that the temporary fix was unsafe after his daughter fell on December 16. She did not suffer any significant injuries.

Neil took a photo of his daughter after she fell on the High Street.

“I don’t normally complain but the High Street is a health and safety hazard and my daughter really hurt herself”, he said.

“On Saturday I took my two daughters shopping and we were on a stretch of the High Street when I heard a thud and my daughter had fallen.

“My daughter is a bit accident prone at times and does trip over her own feet but it was clear she had tripped on some tarmac and went down very heavy.

“After calming her down and brushing the dust off her it just made me mad of the state that the council had left the street in.

“Not only is there tarmac and an uneven surface, but the street is not even clean. It is so dusty and there is litter everywhere, on top of the awful state that remains in terms of incomplete construction.

“I was so angry that I had to take the photos and post my concern.”

“Look where you’re going”

Neil took to local Facebook group You’re Probably from Lincoln If… to voice his feelings. More than 100 people responded with their views, but not all agreed with his sentiment.

Giles Toman said: “Look at where you’re going. We are not Daleks who are only able to move over totally flat floors.”

Nicky Spriggs added: “It’s only a temporary surface to get it open for the Christmas market. Kids trip all the time. Hope she’s okay though.”

Brian Dunstone chimed in sarcastically: “And people wonder why the Christmas market was cancelled.”

Others agreed with Neil. Sheena Greenfield said: “I said to my daughter that it was an accident waiting to happen, and when everyone comes in a pile-up after a train has been, the pavement is hard to pay attention to when dodging people.”

Emily Dowle commented: “My husband and I went into town today and thought exactly the same thing! Can’t say it’s very pram friendly either.”

Sue Ensor added simply: “Sue them.”

A highways spokesperson from Lincolnshire County Council said: “The tarmac currently in place is a temporary measure that’s allowed the contractor to remove fencing and barriers during the day, reducing disruption for businesses and pedestrians during the busy Christmas period.

“As work continues, these sections of blacktop will gradually be replaced with paving that will strengthen the connection between this area of Lincoln’s High Street with the existing shopping area north of the crossing, as well as the uphill area around the cathedral and castle.

“We will continue monitoring the quality of this tarmac to ensure it remains kept to a safe standard.”