May 16, 2018 1.19 pm This story is over 68 months old

Voice of Lincoln: Have you changed your mind about Brexit?

Is Lincoln standing firm?

It’s been almost two years since the referendum which saw Britain vote to leave the EU, and opinions are still divided on which side was right.

Here in Lincoln, 56.9% of you voted to leave. But would that number be different today?

The people we spoke to on Lincoln High Street stood firm on their original choices and all said recent developments in the negotiations have only reinforced those views.

One Brexiteer told us: “The EU is appearing more like a dictatorship. They don’t seem to want to play ball, they don’t seem to want to talk to us. I would be even more determined to vote Brexit today.

“I’d definitely stick with my vote” said a Remain voter. “Considering how much money we’ve lost as a result and considering the purpose of the Brexit idea it seems unnecessary to go through with it. We’ve lost already £350 million and they think they’re going to make that back. They’re not.”

Would you vote differently today? Tell us in the poll below.