July 10, 2018 4.53 pm This story is over 66 months old

Wragby Road works extended

The work is now due to be completed by August

Wragby Road works have been extended due to “unexpected utility diversions and additional improvements”.

As previously reported, contractors began six months of work on a £2million scheme in February to improve traffic flow and create longer lanes along Outer Circle Road and Wragby Road.

Night-time road closures will now be in place for two weeks starting on Monday, July 16 to allow resurfacing works across the Wragby Road Improvement project, which is now expected to be completed by August.

The work includes kerbing, footway resurfacing and drainage works, traffic signal installation and various other works.

Narrowed lane widths on Outer Circle Road and Wragby Road, along with restricted access from Wolsey Way to Wragby Road/Bunkers Hill, will remain in place as a result of additional utility diversions and improvements carried out on-site.

Key dates

Unless otherwise stated the road closures will be in place from 7pm to 5am Monday to Friday.

Subject to suitable weather conditions here are the dates for the next set of resurfacing works:

  • July 16-18 – Wragby Road East
  • July 19 – North section of Wragby Road/Outer Circle Road junction (includes temporary three-way traffic signals)
  • July 20 – Outer Circle Drive (works starts at 6.30pm).
  • July 23 – Wragby Road West (works start at 6.30pm)
  • July 24 – North section of Wragby Road/Outer Circle Road junction (includes temporary three-way traffic signals)
  • July 25-26 – Wragby Road East

Diversion routes

The diversion routes for each are as follows:

  • Bunkers Hill/Wragby Road East – via A158 to Nettleham Road to Ruskin Avenue and vice versa
  • Outer Circle Drive – via Bunkers Hill to A158 to Nettleham Road and vice versa
  • Carlton Boulevard – use the Hawthorn Road exit during the works
  • Outer Circle Road – via Wragby Road to Greetwell Road and vice versa
  • Wragby Road West to Chaucer Driver – via Wragby Road to Greetwell Road and vice versa

Additional dates for resurfacing will be announced over the coming weeks.

Executive Member for Highways Councillor Richard Davies said: “The utility diversions associated with this project have proved to be more extensive than the utility companies originally suggested.

“This is largely due to previously unknown underground cables and equipment being discovered during excavations, which the plans provided to us by the utility companies didn’t identify.

“This, as well as carrying out some additional drainage, surfacing and kerbing improvements to further improve the highway network, has caused some minor delays to the project.

“We’re now expecting the entire project to be complete in August.

“When working on a project like this, where the works programme is largely dependent on what’s discovered when digging, there’s always a risk of coming across something you weren’t expecting.

“I know this isn’t ideal, however, we are doing everything we can, including working closely with the utility companies, to ensure this project is completed as soon as possible.”

These delays also mean the upcoming drainage and resurfacing project along Bunkers Hill is now expected to start in late August/early September.

That project includes installing a new drainage system to provide increased flood protection and prevent water damage to properties in the area and reconstructing a section of Bunkers Hill’s carriageway.