August 29, 2018 12.55 pm This story is over 66 months old

What were they thinking? Driver hits the brakes before red light dash

The peugeot driver has sparked confusion with his manoeuvre

A dash cam user caught a bizarre situation at a Lincolnshire junction when a fellow driver cut them up, sat in the road and then dashed through a red light.

Video footage captured on a dashcam at Langrick Bridge in Boston shows how the peugeot driver cuts into traffic and stops immediately.

After waiting around 13 seconds, the driver then seems to pull off and cross the junction, regardless of the red light in front of them.

The car behind is then forced to wait for the lights to turn back green.

An anonymous driver who captured the footage sent it to the’Idiot Drivers in Lincolnshire and the UK’ Youtube channel, where the encounter has been viewed more than 330 times.

On the group’s Facebook page, one social media called the peugeot driver “a sly dog.”