September 27, 2018 11.30 am This story is over 64 months old

Couple reunited with ambulance heroes who delivered baby

“They are a credit to the NHS”

A Lincoln couple were reunited with their ambulance crew ‘heroes’ who helped deliver baby Amaryllis last month.

Katie Noble and husband Tom were expecting their second child and had planned a home birth, but on August 22 she started experiencing contractions.

Katie called her local maternity unit, but the hospital said the home birth midwifery team were busy at another case and would come as soon as possible.

With contractions getting worse and labour progressing Katie told her husband to call 999 and within minutes their three ‘heroes’ arrived.

Amaryllis with the ambulance crew and her mum and dad. Photo: EMAS

Paramedic Mike Cooksley was first on scene followed by ambulance crew Paramedic Richard Charman and Emergency Care Assistant Mark Betts.

The team helped to deliver baby Amaryllis, who weighed 7lbs 4oz.

Katie and Tom went to Lincoln Ambulance station on Wednesday (September 26) to show their gratitude.

Katie said: “Nobody plans to have their baby delivered by paramedics, but I was so relieved when they walked through the door, they are heroes.

Kirsty Latham Communications Officer for Lincolnshire, ECA Mark Betts, Paramedic Mike Cooksley, Paramedic Richard Charman with mum and Dad Katie and Tom behind. Photo: EMAS

“When you deliver your baby in hospital you have a photograph with your midwife to show your baby when they are older, it was important to me to know the names of the ambulance crew and also tell them how invaluable they were.”

Tom added: “I was trying my best to remain calm but I was thinking I would be the one to deliver Amaryllis, I was so thankful to Mike, Rich and Mark, they are a credit to the NHS.”

Richard, who was the first face the baby saw when she was brought into the world, said “it was lovely to see Amaryllis again”.

Katie and Tom gave the ambulance team chocolates and a thank you card, in which she wrote the following heartfelt message:

Her card said: “I am so grateful you arrived as it would have been scary delivering our baby alone, I am so thankful I have managed to tell you how grateful we are for all your support as I don’t think NHS staff get told enough just how amazing they are.

“It was very important for me to be able to tell you thank you and for you to know how grateful I am to you.”