September 27, 2018 5.08 pm This story is over 65 months old

Lincoln busker goes contactless

It’s all change for this musician

A busker in Lincoln has decided to ditch the change and get a contactless card machine.

Blane Robertson-Turner has been a regular face on the High Street playing a guitar with his distinctive voice.

After a few shoppers asked him whether he takes card payments, Blaine decided to look into it.

He decided to invest in one and can now be found playing on the street asking for £1 card donations.

Blaine’s guitar case is still open for cash if you would rather not use your card.

He told The Lincolnite: “I am happy that I’ve gone with it. There are many companies that do it now and it doesn’t cost you anything.

“It’s just another way for people to gift you some money. I got a lot of people asking me if I would take card payments.

“The card machine is quite an object of humour. People walk past and you hear them go: ‘he even takes card!’ and then will come back the next day and swipe the machine with their card.”

He says that more people are now giving him donations, but thinks that it’s only going to grow in popularity.

Watch the full video to see why Blaine the busker switched over to contactless.