September 4, 2018 3.26 pm This story is over 66 months old

Lincoln train station £2m revamp on track

Are you on board with all of the changes?

A £2 million refurbishment of Lincoln Central railway station is on track, as new ticket barriers are installed to stop fare dodgers.

It’s been all change at the railway station with a new waiting room, outdoor seating area, bike shop and storage.

“New and improved” ticket barriers are the most recent addition to the station, with a set of barriers for the exit and entrance.

The new barriers can also now scan mobile tickets, so commuters no longer have to print off their tickets.

A new Costa cafe and toilets are still under development at the station, but not everybody is on board with the changes.

The Lincolnite asked commuters at the train station what they thought about the new ticket barriers.

Paul Osbourne said: “I think it’s a waste of money because they had some at the end, but now they have an in and an out.

“Some times you can just walk straight through like I did this morning. Obviously it’s the first day today and they’re having teething problems, which they always will have.”

Glen Showler said: “I noticed they’re new because we travelled here a few weeks back and nobody sold us a ticket, when we went back the same thing happened.

“So it’s a good idea I’m sure to maximised the amount of money that they’re going to get.”

Reece Alan: “I would say [that it’s good] because people have been able to just get through really easily so it’s probably a good change.”

Watch the full video to see how the train station has changed.