September 10, 2018 3.53 pm This story is over 64 months old

New electoral boundaries in final proposal to government

Some Lincolnshire electoral boundaries would change under the proposals.

New electoral boundary proposals have been finalised for parliamentary constituencies across the Greater Lincolnshire region.

People in North Hykeham will vote for the city’s MP in future if proposals are voted through in parliament.

The Boundary Commission for England published its final recommendations for new constituency boundaries on Monday, September 10 – which could see the total number of MPs cut from 650 to 600.

Five wards in North Hykeham and Waddington West would be transferred from the Sleaford constituency into Lincoln.

Bracebridge Heath and Waddington East would move from Lincoln to Sleaford under the plans.

Proposed new electoral boundary for Lincoln and Skegness in green. Current boundary in blue

Elsewhere in Lincolnshire, Kirkby la Thorpe and South Kyme will be included in the proposed Boston and Skegness constituency.

Proposed new electoral boundary for Boston and Skegness in green. Current boundary in blue

In the north of the county, four districts of East Riding and Yorkshire wards, three further East Riding wards comprising Goole, and three borough of North Lincolnshire wards that include the Isle of Axholme were included in the proposed Goole constituency.

Two borough of North Lincolnshire wards of Burton upon Stather and Winterton, and Burringham and Gunness would be included in the Scunthorpe constituency.

The two borough of North Lincolnshire wards of Broughton and Appleby, and Bring and Wolds were included in the Grimsby North and Barton constituency. This would also contain a further two Borough of North Lincolnshire wards and six Borough of North East Lincolnshire wards — two wards from the existing Cleethorpes constituency and four wards from the existing Great Grimsby constituency.

The remaining wards from the existing Great Grimsby constituency and a further five North East Lincolnshire wards were included in the proposed Grimsby South and Cleethorpes constituency.

Proposed new electoral boundaries for North and North East Lincolnshire

If MPs reject the proposals, the next election will be fought on demographic data based on the 2000 electoral register.

The Boundary Commissions of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is tasked with redrawing the UK’s political map every five years in order to take account of population changes.

Earlier proposals were altered following thousands of responses in a public consultation.

Secretary to the Commission, Sam Hartley, said: “The recommendations we’ve published today mark the end of a thorough and consultative process to build the new map of constituencies.

We’ve travelled the country, taken account of over 35,000 public comments, and heard many impassioned views about how best to reflect local communities in our recommendations, while ensuring that constituencies are all much more equally represented.

“We’re confident that the map we propose today is the best match of the legal rules Parliament have set us. It’s now up to Parliament to decide whether these boundaries will be used at the next general election.”

The Government must now make arrangements for the Commission’s recommendations to be voted on by both Houses of Parliament. It is for the Government to decide when to do so.