November 13, 2018 5.00 pm This story is over 63 months old

‘Has my house been marked by a criminal?’

They found a strange mark on their door

A Lincoln student has been left worried they could be the target of burglars after finding a strange mark on the door.

A student at the University of Lincoln posted the picture online after hearing a noise at around 1am.

She said: “We heard scratching on our doors as if someone was trying to get in and found this [mark] on our back door today. Has anyone around the Carholme area seen this before?”

Above the door handle, someone has scratched what appears to be an x symbol in the middle of a v symbol.

People commented to say that these markings “often mean they are figuring out what houses are able to be burgled.”

It is unclear what the mark could mean or whether it is the symbol of a burglar.

The incident was reported to Lincolnshire Police. A spokesperson from the force said they are investigating the scratches.

Police said anyone who is worried about their safety should contact the force on 101 or read their official guide on their website.

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