November 5, 2018 3.23 pm This story is over 62 months old

PepsiCo set to buy Pipers crisps brand

Pipers is based in Lincolnshire

PepsiCo has announced its intention to acquire Lincolnshire premium crisps brands Pipers.

PepsiCo plans to accelerate the growth of the Pipers business, which is based in Elsham Wold, Brigg in Lincolnshire, while continuing to develop the export of its products.

The acquisition, for an undisclosed sum, is subject to approval from the Competition and Markets Authority.

The kettle-cooked crisp brand is sold in venues including pubs, restaurants, cafes, hotels and farm shops, both in the UK and abroad.

James McKinney, Managing Director of Pipers Crisps

Managing Director of Pipers Crisps James McKinney said: “We’ve developed innovative products to suit evolving tastes while establishing a strong foothold in the market. PepsiCo’s commitment to accelerating the growth of the Pipers brand means more people will be able to enjoy the unique, award-winning flavour of Pipers crisps.”

General Manager of PepsiCo UK Ian Ellington said: “Pipers share our uncompromising commitment to delivering on taste and quality and we’ve long-admired their entrepreneurial spirit. The Pipers’ brand has a strong proposition within the market, with stand-out taste, flavours and appeal.”

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