November 1, 2018 4.28 pm This story is over 63 months old

Smyths Toys confirm 2019 opening in Lincoln

Store opening details will be announced in the new year

Smyths Toys Superstores will open its first Lincoln store in the Tritton Retail Park in Spring 2019.

The retailer will be going into the area formerly occupied by Bensons for Beds and Office Outlet, with the latter set to open in the old Tile Giant unit at the Valentine Retail Park on November 9.

Smyths Toys currently has over 100 stores throughout the UK & Ireland including one at the Victoria Retail Park on King Edward Street in Grimsby.

A spokesperson for Smyths Toys said: “We hope to open a store in Tritton Retail Park late March/early April 2019. The exact date depends on when we are given the building.

“We understand the landlord is currently preparing the building for our occupation and store opening details will be published on our website after the new year.”

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