September 23, 2019 12.44 pm This story is over 52 months old

Dead baby seal and porpoise wash up with chemical container in Skegness

Officials removed the 25-litre container from the scene

A dead baby seal and a porpoise washed up alongside a chemical container on the beach in Skegness.

Four coastguard crews attended the scene on the beach close to Butlins at around 1pm on Sunday, September 22.

It’s unclear what was in the 25-litre container found near the two carcasses or if the deaths were related, but the crews removed it from the area.

A porpoise. Photo: Jennifer/Flickr

A spokesperson for Mablethorpe Coastguard said: “On route to the incident we were informed that a chemical container had also washed up not far from the porpoise.

“We identified a deceased porpoise and baby seal before sending photos and information to the operation room.”