February 5, 2020 9.54 am This story is over 50 months old

CCTV captures exploding meteor over Lincoln

The clearest video yet captured the moment it exploded

Another CCTV camera caught the meteor over Lincoln in the clearest video yet, capturing the moment it exploded in a flash of light.

Ruth Druce, who lives in Bracebridge Heath, shared the security camera footage with The Lincolnite and said the camera points towards Lincoln Cathedral.

The camera captured the phenomenon on Monday evening at exactly 11.34pm, at the same time two other cameras in Boston and Lincoln were also recording the natural light show.

An expert from the Lincoln Astronomical Society confirmed that the flash of light was a bright meteor and said that they were unpredictable.

Graham Winstanley told The Lincolnite: “Most meteors are a brief streak of light lasting less than a second, but this one lasted about two seconds, so relatively slow.

“They are caused by dust or small rocks entering our atmosphere at high speed, most being a grain of sand up to around 2cm.

“A fireball like this one would be rather larger, perhaps the size of a football.

“It is very unlikely there would be any meteorite fall resulting from a meteor like this one.

“Bright meteors like this are fairly common, happening perhaps five to ten times a month, but are completely unpredictable.”

Phil Norton from The Hykeham Observatory, added: “The radio meteor station located in North Hykeham doesn’t show a meteor travelling over North Hykeham.

“Looking at the angle of the video, makes me think it is over 100 miles away probably off the coast of Southern Scotland.”

If you have captured anything similar, please contact [email protected].