April 8, 2020 12.10 pm This story is over 49 months old

Real-life Where’s Wally game encourages exercise in Lincoln village

Can you find him?

A couple in a village near Lincoln have created a real-life Where’s Wally game to keep spirits up and encourage people to make use of their one form of daily exercise during the coronavirus outbreak.

Jason Spering, 25, and his partner Emma Bradley 24, saw a Where’s Wally in 2020 meme with the famous character in his red and white top all alone in the street.

This prompted the couple into action who are keen to spread happiness in Sturton by Stow. Student teacher Emma used her artistic skills to create Wally.

Where in Sturton by Stow will Wally be hiding over the next few weeks?

From Wednesday, April 8 a riddle giving a clue to Wally’s location will be posted in the local Facebook group ‘Sturton by Stow Community’.

People have been told not to touch Wally to avoid the spread of bacteria, but people are encouraged to take photos and enjoy the game.

Jason, who works as a carer, told The Lincolnite that they are using their one allowed daily form of exercise to hide Wally and it also motivates them to get out too.

He said: “It is to give people something to do and promote exercise and we have chosen 10-12 days worth of hiding places so far. If other communities jump on the bandwagon and do this it will be great for community spirit.

“People need to enjoy themselves and enjoy their exercise and this is to help encourage that. Best of luck with the game and, as the queen said, we’ll meet again.”

Wally is currently hiding here, but his future locations are a secret and left for you to work out.

Wednesday’s riddle

My top is red and white, my trousers are blue

I’m feeling patriotic, with nothing to do

To the queen and country, I pay my respect

So look for me closely, put on your specs

A sunny day like this I’d rather be at the beach

Do not try to high five me – you’ll struggle to reach!