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Meet the charity helping the dogs of the homeless on Lincoln’s streets

Thank you StreetVet for your pawsome work!

Each month in 2021, The Lincolnite and publishers Stonebow Media will offer our support to a local charity, with free advertising and promotion across our website and social media channels, to help them raise funds and awareness.

During the pandemic lockdown countywide charities have suffered with fewer donations and not being able to host valuable events that help them raise more money throughout the year.

We’re asking our readers to submit nominations for their favourite charities over the next few months.

Our first charity is StreetVet, a charity set-up to treat dogs belonging those who are street homeless, in emergency accommodation, or sofa surfing with no permanent address. Their clients are often vulnerable and anxious, having been let down by others in the past.

The Lincoln team has helped 17 canines since launching in 2019 and treated a variety of cases ranging from ear infections to the surgical removal of a mammary tumour. Most of their registered patients are older pets, so they often see cases of arthritis and dental disease too.

Miri Prior, who works at The Veterinary Hospital in Lincoln, first launched Lincoln StreetVet in 2019, having volunteered at the old Nomad emergency shelter and at HOME meal previously run by St Swithin’s church.

The gorgeous Ty receiving a lot of fuss from Miri after a health check and nail clip. | Photo: StreetVet

How to support Lincoln StreetVet

Buy essentials for the Lincoln branch from their Amazon wishlist here.

Make a donation to the StreetVet charity here.

Duke had become matted living in an allotment after the owner had lost his home. Pawz and Relax kindly provided a professional groom once StreetVet had checked Duke over and removed the worst of the matting. | Photo: StreetVet

She wanted to provide vet care for those in need and, after spotting a StreetVet stall at a veterinary conference, she contacted the charity about setting up in Lincoln.

StreetVet is a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons registered practice delivering free care to the homeless and their pets on the streets of Lincoln, London, and many major cities across the UK.

Laura Stone and Miri Prior, Team Leads for StreetVet Lincoln. | Photo: StreetVet

Benji lives between Cambridge and Lincoln with his owner. | Photo: StreetVet

StreetVet Lincoln go on outreach sessions alongside ECHO (East Coast Homeless Outreach) once a month, providing health checks, preventative treatments, food, toys and accessories for warmth and visibility, whilst their owners receive hot meals. It is hoped that this will become more regular once coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

They’re going out once a month around the city to see if there is anyone who would be in need of the charity’s help. Many cases are organised with the owners directly.

One of their most challenging visits was to a dog whose owners did not feel comfortable to be away from their pet or the tent where they were living.

The Lincoln team managed to take blood from the dog in the middle of a field and rush it back to a practice in time to go in the centrifuge within the 15 minute window required for the test needed.

To access the service please email [email protected].

Ty and StreetVet Volunteer Thryn Woodward after a blood test at the Veterinary Hospital.| Photo: StreetVet

Einie was treated for a false pregnancy and spayed. Her owner was living in a Travelodge at the time, but is now in permanent accommodation. | Photo: StreetVet

The Lincoln team currently has 12 volunteers, including Laura Stone, who told The Lincolnite: “I feel so lucky to be part of the StreetVet community. I knew ever since I qualified as a Veterinary Nurse I wanted to be a part of this wonderful charity.

“For many of our service users their companions are their only family, and support, many of whom have passed up housing opportunities so not to be separated from their pets.

“Being able to provide care for, and ensure the health of these animals is the best gift we could give. StreetVet is such a unique and needed provider out in the community, and I feel really excited to be part of its growth and development, and being able to support the growing number of users and their pets.

“We would also like to thank our supporters Webbox, Lintbells and Ceva, and 4Paws feeding Lincoln.”

Volunteer Gemma Graves and Misty enjoying a play at one of the outreach sessions. | Photo: StreetVet

Misty checking out the food on offer at one of our sessions. Misty and her dad were living in a shop doorway for several months at the start of the pandemic. | Photo: StreetVet

Little TyTy looking super handsome. | Photo: StreetVet

StreetVet Lincoln has the support of several local practices, most notably The Veterinary Hospital on Newport in Lincoln, where the charity stores some of its kit. It is also where several animal patients are booked in for urgent treatment.

It costs approximately £5,000 per location. However, day-to-day running costs can vary hugely depending on the number of patients and their requirements.

How to support Lincoln StreetVet

Buy essentials for the Lincoln branch from their Amazon wishlist here.

Make a donation to the StreetVet charity here.

StreetVet Lincoln are also recruiting for a fundraising coordinator, with anyone interested urged to email [email protected].

StreetVet is also launching a country-wide “accredited hostel scheme” which it hopes will prevent anyone from having to choose between their canine best friend and a roof for the night.