March 8, 2021 12.44 pm This story is over 37 months old

Wildlife rescue farm angry after shot pigeons brought into care

Both may need to have legs removed

A wildlife rescue farm near Gainsborough has vented its anger after two injured pigeons, who it believes were shot, arrived in its care.

Bedlam Farm Wildlife Rescue in the village of Marton said two poor pigeons from the same area/flock were brought in by the people who found them last week.

Both pigeons appeared to have leg issues and were cleaned up. It was then found that the white pigeon had “two large very matted and smelly callus lumps, one on her chest and the other on her leg”.

The pigeons suffered serious injuries. Click/tap to see the full image. | Photo: Bedlam Farm Wildlife Rescue

The other pigeon is described as having a very deformed leg that was almost twisted sideways.

The farm will speak to its vet to see what can be done, but fears both pigeons will need to have legs removed if they are to have any quality of life.

The farm said: “Seeing injured or sick wildlife is hard enough but to know these horrific injuries were done intentionally is just hard to swallow.

“These poor birds were just wounded and left to suffer and die. We certainly do have some vile individuals and who very sadly have to share the same air as us.”

On the first pigeon it said: “Once bathed and cleaned up it became clear that one is an entry wound and one an exit. I have seen a few shot pigeons and removed many pellets, so sadly I’m too familiar with what pellet wounds look like.

“She has little use of that leg at all. The pellet has clearly shattered the leg bone as it went through, leaving the leg to set itself broken which has fused, now she can’t bend her leg at all.”

On the second pigeon, the farm added: “He also has a hole straight through his leg just above the elbow, with an entry and exit wound. Like the other bird the bone has been shattered, leaving it to reset broken and very badly deformed.

“This has left him with no feeling below the pellet hole, so not only now has he got a permanent twisted leg but one is no use to him at all, the leg is lifeless.”

In February, the farm reported that a swan arriving in its care was found “wandering around some fields” at Hemswell.

The swan was taken to the vets where x-rays and blood tests were done. The x-ray showed a pellet in the swan’s head, which was reported to the RSPCA who moved the swan to its East Winch Wildlife Centre.