July 2, 2021 6.11 pm This story is over 34 months old

Out and about: Check out all the Lincoln Imp Trail sculptures

Which one is your favourite?

The sculptures are now in place across various locations in the city as the Lincoln Imp Trail prepares to begin on Saturday, July 3.

Thirty imps were designed by national and local artists and will be on display throughout Lincoln until September 16, as well as one which will be at the Hildreds Centre in Skegness.

There will also be five community ‘roaming’ imps that move among shops in Lincoln, including Wind who was adopted by The Lincolnite. The Educational Trail imps, which were decorated by schools across Lincolnshire, will be launched next week.

Once the Lincoln Imp Trail is finished, there will be an event at Lincoln Castle between September 17-23, ahead of an auction on Lincolnshire Day on October 1. Funds raised from the auction will be donated to the charity partner of the event, St Barnabas Hospice.

Here is where you can find the imps:

Check out where to find the 30 imps on this year’s trail. | Photo: Lincoln Imp Trail

Also, check out all the imps, in the order of popular votes received in our poll earlier this year.

All photos by John Aron for The Lincolnite.

Steam Explorer  

Sponsor: Jacksons Workwear Rental Ltd

Artist: Rosie Ablewhite

No. 27 Steam Explorer


Sponsor: Saul Fairholm Ltd

Artist: Lizzy Mason

No. 16 Majestic imp

Girls Can

Sponsor: Girlguiding in Lincolnshire

Artist: Rosie Ablewhite

No. 17 Girls Imp

Screen Legends 

Sponsor: GAME Engineering

Artist: Rosie Ablewhite

No. 29 Screen Legends

Wishing Imp 

Sponsor: Lincolnshire Freemasons

Artist: Lissie Art/Alicia Hollis

No. 26 Wishing Imp

RAF Legends

Sponsor: Lincoln Digs

Artist: Sue Hetfield

No. 14 RAF Legends


Sponsor: Just Audi VW

Artist: Frizzy Haych Creative/Hannah Claire Waller

No. 21 Imp-Dangered

Lincolnshire Imp 

Sponsor: Daniel Charles Construction

Artist: Jon Garside

No. 11 Lincolnshire Imp

A Little Lucky  

Sponsor: Chestnut Homes

Artist: Caroline Greyling

No. 23 A Little Lucky

The Winding Roads of Lincolnshire 

Sponsor: Lincoln College

Artist: Eleanor Hancock

No.19 The Winding Roads of Lincolnshire

The Legend of the Imp

Sponsor: Nicholsons Chartered Accountants

Artist: Sian Bristow

No. 1 The legend of the imp

Community IMP 

Sponsor: REACH

Artist: Sian Bristow

No. 15 Community Imp

Woodland Imp  

Sponsor: Branston Ltd

Artist: Donna Newman Eden-designs

No. 28 Woodland Imp


Sponsor: Lincs Archiving Solutions Ltd

Artist: Mik Richardson

No. 24 IMPenetrable

The Running Imp 

Sponsor: Running Imp Ltd

Artist: Sian Bristow

No. 5 The Running Imp

And so the Adventure Begins 

Sponsor: University of Lincoln

Artist: Eleanor Hancock

No. 3 And so the Adventure Begins

City Trail 

Sponsor: Lincolnshire Society of Architects

Creator: Mel Langton

No. 2 City Trail

Lincoln Footie

Sponsor: Lincoln City FC & Lincoln BIGArtist: Mik Richardson

No. 4 Lincoln Footie

Past Echos

Sponsor: Stagecoach East Midlands

Artist: Jem Dunn/Jo McLaren Dunn

No. 6 Past Echos

Lincoln Vik-IMP (Hildreds Centre, Skegness) 

Sponsor: Lincolnshire Coastal BID

Artist: Deven Bhurke

Arcimpboldo (The Healthy Imp)  

Sponsor: The Lincoln Hotel

Artist: Sue Guthrie

No. 25 Arcimpboldo the Healthy Imp


Sponsor: Ruddocks

Artist: Susan Webber

No. 13 Post-Impressionist


Sponsor: New Theatre Royal

Artist: Melanie Clare

No. 10 Harlequin

Frozen Beauty 

Sponsor: Lincoln Business Club

Artist: Mr A Singh/Amrit Singh

No. 18 Frozen Beauty


Sponsor: The Cornhill Quarter

Artist: Inspiratori Art/Sofia Barton

No. 7 Yellowbelly

The Legend of the Imp  

Sponsor: St Marks Shopping Centre

Artist: Jemima Cholmondeley-Smith

No. 12 The Legand of the Imp

The Folklore Imp 

Sponsor: St Barnabas

Artist: Carolyn Short

No. 20 The Folklore Imp

Voyage of Discovery

Sponsor: Lincoln Cathedral

Artist: Rose Bowskill

No. 23 Voyage of Discovery


Sponsor: Bottomley Distillers

Artist: Deven Bhurke

No. 9 Imp-Entertainment


Sponsor: City of Lincoln Council

Artist: Lissie Art/Alicia Hollis

No. 30 Forest


Sponsor: LEAP and Investors in Lincoln

Artist: Inspiratori Art/Sofia Barton

No.8 Celestial