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Peaky Blinders and soap stars in film shot in Lincolnshire

Grantham director also worked with some impressive names

Actors who starred in television shows including Peaky Blinders, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks and The Bill will feature in a new film shot in Lincolnshire due to be released on Amazon Video early next year.

Lovers of Death is the brainchild of Grantham-born Vas Hadjigeorgiou, an actor, writer, director and exec producer who owns production house Underground TV based in the Lincolnshire town.

Vas was recently a supporting actor in Landscapers alongside Olivia Colman, which was shot in Mansfield, Derby and Nottingham, as well as working on the new Havoc film with Tom Hardy.

He is currently filming and editing his latest film – Lovers of Death – which is due to be shown at Aesthetica Film Festival in York in November before being released on Amazon Video early next year. It is the story of a dysfunctional relationship of two psychological klllers who have no remorse for their actions.

The 40-year-old turned down the opportunity to work with another production company down south as he wanted to film in his home town.

Filming has already taken place in Grantham on Harlaxton Road and Alexandra Road, as well as in the village of Belton. Dean Marshall, who was in the Sabini Gang in Peaky Blinders, plays DS Taylor in the film including scenes driving in Barrowby.

Lights, camera, action! | Photo: Underground TV Production

Dean Marshall, who also starred in Peaky Blinders, during filming on Harlaxton Road in Grantham. | Photo: Underground TV Production

Director Vas Hadjigeorgiou in the closed street section of Alexandra Road in Grantham. | Photo: Gary Lindsey-Moore

Tom Parker and Dean Marshall, playing PC Carrier and DS Taylor, on Harlaxton Road in Grantham. | Photo: Gary Lindsey-Moore

There are also plans to film one of the final scenes in a Stanley Kubrick style in Lincoln city centre next month.

The scene is where DS Taylor has been discredited, didn’t follow procedure, and is on the verge of getting a divorce. He is at his wits end and is still travelling around trying to find a killer and following loose leads takes him to Lincoln.

Scott Anson and Danni Shepherd play Bonnie and Clyde in ‘Lovers of Death’. | Photo: Underground TV Production

The cast

Scott Anson, who has been in shows including Emmerdale, Hollyoaks and The Bill, will play the part of Clyde. The other main character Bonnie is played by Danni Shepherd from Amazon Prime’s Flower Boy.

Peaky Blinders actor Dean Marshall plays DS Taylor, while Anita Dashwood, Tom Hodkinson and Tom Parker feature as Janie, Donald, and PC Carrier respectively.

Bonnie and Clyde during filming on Alexandra Road in Grantham. | Photo: Underground TV Production

Scott Anson, who plays a psychological killer, filming earlier this month at Knightingales eatery in Grantham. | Photo: Underground TV Production

Filming at the Hills And Hollows in Grantham. | Photo: Underground TV Production

Bonnie and Clyde arrive at the farm house to see an old acquaintance Donald. | Photo: Gary Lindsey-Moore

Director Vas has a cameo role as Lofty, while Steve Shinners and Steve Healey play the parts of ‘Annoying Man’ and Sergeant Shields respectively.

Behind the scenes, Vas has used a lot of local people, including Grantham-based, and he is hoping that filming will be completed by the end of September/early October.

Direct and writer Vas Hadjigeorgiou being interviewed for behind the scenes exclusive content. | Photo: Underground TV Production

The Lincolnshire director

The Lincolnite sat down with Vas, who will also have a cameo role in the film, to chat about this latest venture

Vas, who has also previously produced and directed documentaries and music videos and worked on Bollywood films, said: “It was nice to use the essence of Bonnie and Clyde and I wanted to do a twist of the characters for our film.

“It was going to be down south, but I wanted to film in Grantham and Lincolnshire, both logistically and also to see Lincolnshire on screen makes me very proud.

“It is nice to be on set and hear the words that you wrote and hear it playing out loud, it is emotional.

“Filming in Grantham is nice and brings it home to me, walking around streets I grew up in and locals thanking me for showcasing their town.

“I want to say thank you to everyone that has helped along the way, behind the scenes and those who have offered their services to help the project.”

Filming in Norton Disney | Photo: Underground TV Production

Farm House in Belton with (from right) Danni Shepherd, Scott Anson, Anita Dashwood and Tom Hodkinson. | Photo: Underground TV Production

When asked what it was like working with Olivia Colman and Tom Hardy recently, Vas said: “It was great to work with someone (Olivia) who immersed herself in the character, she’s lovely and like the perfect mum.

“Nobody has a bad word to say about her and she is always happy to help people out, she’s one in a million.

“He (Tom) is really nice, but you can’t get near him, as he always has about 50 people around him. Each time he did something it was interesting to see how it was slightly different as he’s given free reign to try different things. He’s definitely unique, really seasoned and well trained.”

A crowdfunding campaign has also been set up to help with the running costs of the film, which Vas has had to fund himself – you can donate here.

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