August 2, 2021 2.42 pm This story is over 33 months old

Theddlethorpe community organises opposition against radioactive waste storage plans

“The community does not consent”

Around 100 people attended at the weekend a campaign meeting against potential plans to store nuclear waste underground on the Lincolnshire coast.

Radioactive Waste Management has confirmed it is in “early discussions” about using the former ConocoPhillips Gas Terminal in Theddlethorpe as a Geological Disposal Facility, but local residents and campaigners have hit out at the plans.

Organiser Sara Bright said around 30-50 people who attended the event at Mablethorpe Sherwood Playing Fields had now joined the campaign officially and an initial £120 has been raised in funding.

“People are extremely worried about the long-term effects of this project for generations to come,” she said, noting concerns about infrastructure and the overall safety of the project.

“We don’t want it, this community doesn’t consent and it is not something we’re ever going to ever support.”

The group now has plans to do much more research, divided between the new members, create and organise media, and raise further funds for their campaign.

“The level of support has been absolutely amazing. There’s a level of concern for future generations because arguably for many of us it won’t actually affect us for much of our future.”

A Facebook Group called “No Nuke Dump In Lincolnshire” has garnered 2,500 members.

One petition by a local resident has been signed by more than 2,100 people.

A further petition to government to “Stop Theddlethorpe site being considered for radioactive waste disposal” has already been rejected by the government for not being “clear”.

“We understand that you are concerned about the possibility of a geological disposal facility being developed in Theddlethorpe, but at this stage Radioactive Waste Management Ltd (RWM) is engaging with communities to identify a suitable location to host a geological disposal facility,” said the response.

“If and when a development consent order is sought from the Secretary of State, we could accept a petition calling for this consent not to be granted.”

Plans for the new site surfaced last week, but there was some confusion over when the county’s leaders had met with representatives of RWM.

This led to opposition councillors hitting out at Tory “secrecy” at the county council after the plans were revealed.

Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) is looking at potentially building a nuclear waste storage site at Theddlethorpe. | Photo: Kurnia Aerial Photography

Lincolnshire County Council Leader Martin Hill said a “binding” local referendum would be held and “if it’s a no, that’s the end of it”.

Steve Reece, head of siting at RWM, previously said: “We would like to engage with the local community to hear their thoughts and views.

“The process to find a suitable GDF site ultimately requires a community to give clear consent [and] this project is totally unique in that the local community will have the final say.”

The developers added that the multi-billion pound project could create thousands of jobs.