April 18, 2022 10.30 am This story is over 25 months old

Inside The Force: 24/7 – Police visit a series of shocking domestic incidents in Lincoln

A woman is ‘punched and kicked in the head’

The next episode of Channel 5’s Inside The Force: 24/7 airs on Easter Monday and focuses on response officers and CID dealing with a series domestic incidents, including a man shown on CCTV ‘punching the victim to the ground and then kicking her in the head’.

Episode three of the eight-part series, produced by Mentorn Media, will air at 9pm on Monday, April 18.

PC Mark Solder is called to an incident in the town centre, where a man is suspected of beating up a woman. When he arrives, the woman is on the floor, distressed and dazed, accusing the man of ‘constantly kicking and punching’ her.

While the man is handcuffed the woman is found to have a large bruise on her head, but she refuses to go to hospital.

The suspect is taken to custody and the police request CCTV footage. Back at the station, PC Solder watches the shocking footage, which shows the man ‘punching the victim to the ground and then kicking her in the head’.

The next day the case is passed to Detective Perry Brook in CID to investigate. The suspect is interviewed and Detective Perry shows him the CCTV footage, but he refuses to answer questions, only commenting “it’s an imperfect world”.

When the detectives are no longer able to remand the suspect, he is released, and he claims to have an illness, so police are obliged to arrange a ride home for him. A frustrated Detective Parry is left questioning the law.

Elsewhere in South Park Station, PC Chloe Barnett responds to an urgent call about a neighbour dispute with alleged racially aggravated undertones and ‘threats of violence’.

She attends the scene by herself and, with concerning intel coming through from the force control room about the suspect and potential weapons, back up is called in.

A group of officers arrest the suspect, but when they come out a crowd gathers and blocks police in. When they start swearing at the police and being abusive, one of them is also arrested.

This follows on from episode one, which focused on the investigation into the death of Darren Munnelly.

Episode two showed the pressure police faced with a spike in incidents as England played Germany in the European Championships last summer.

The eight-part series goes behind the doors at Lincolnshire Police and shows what life is really like for the officers and staff at the police station on South Park in Lincoln.

Filming took place as the lockdown restrictions eased in summer 2021 and crime rates surged so Lincolnshire Police, the ‘country’s least funded force’, was stretched like never before.