April 21, 2022 11.48 am This story is over 25 months old

Lincolnshire firm saves stranded man as electric motability car runs out of charge

Well done Sleaford Recovery!

A Lincolnshire firm came to the rescue of a man whose motability vehicle had run out of charge, and even sat with him for a few hours to ensure he was safe.

Towing service Sleaford Recovery were called out to the man on Tuesday, April 19 who was on his way to Ingoldmells from Oxford after picking up his brand new vehicle.

Unfortunately, it had run out of charge and by the time Sleaford’s response vehicle arrived he was “blue with the cold”.

Sleaford Recovery waited with the man for an hour and a half at Tesco in Skegness charging his car for him. | Photo: Sleaford Recovery

The man said he’d been told he needed an app to be able to charge it and he didn’t have a phone capable of downloading apps.

The truck was called out to recover the car, but the Sleaford Recovery team discovered there were no charging points within 12 miles of the man’s home.

They said it meant there was “little point us dropping a dead car off to him” so they opted to sit for an hour and a half in Tesco in Skegness charging his car for him.

The truck was called out to recover the car. | Photo: Sleaford Recovery

Sleaford Recovery said: “Happy to go above and beyond if it means people are safe but shame on the dealership for not properly instructing this man how to charge his car and neither did they even include a lead to charge it from his home.

“Electric may be the future but it took a total of 280 miles driven by a 2.0 Diesel and a 4.2L turbo diesel to get this situation sorted.”