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Daughter thanks Lincolnshire nurses who reunited parents as final wish

And a generous £1k donation to LCHS’s charity

A local daughter made a generous donation of £1,000 to Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust’s (LCHS) charity to thank the staff who reunited her parents in the final days of their lives.

In August 2021, the staff on Scarborough Ward at Skegness Hospital worked to reunite the parents of Maureen Davies. William and Freda O’Brien were both in palliative care but in different hospitals and their family were trying to be in two places at once to be with them.

The couple, originally from Edwinstowe, Nottingham, had moved to Branston in Lincolnshire to be nearer to Maureen. Freda was then admitted to the Scarborough Ward for rehabilitation, but it was soon realised that she needed palliative care.

After William was admitted to Lincoln County Hospital, the team worked hard to move him to Scarborough Ward at Skegness Hospital, and into the same room as his wife so they could be together as they reached the end of their lives.

Freda had celebrated her 90th birthday on Scarborough Ward and William, 91, was transferred to the Lincolnshire hospital just in time for the couple’s 70th, and sadly last, wedding anniversary, on August 4 last year. They celebrated together having cake with their family.

Freda celebrated her 90th birthday on Scarborough Ward at Skegness Hospital.

It also meant that Maureen was able to be there for both her parents at the same time. She sat between their beds and held their hands before the couple peacefully passed away within one day of each other.

Maureen visited Scarborough Ward to formally thank the nursing staff who brought her parents together in the final days of their lives.

Maureen and her husband Peter, from Lincoln, also made a generous donation of £1,000 in appreciation of the care and kindness of the staff.

The nursing team on Scarborough Ward were also recognised when the won the Chair’s Award in the LCHS’ staff awards last year for their work and kindness in reuniting these patients.

She said: “I’ll always be extremely grateful to the thoughtful staff who helped bring my parents together and make a difficult time for our family, a bit easier. Everyone at Skegness Hospital was kind and considerate and looked after all of us.

“I’ll never forget that last little celebration for their wedding anniversary and seeing my parents happy together before their health deteriorated.

“My parents were very lucky to be together at the end of their lives and they had a beautiful love story that deserves celebrating.”

A photo from Freda and William’s wedding.

Nurse Becky Camm, who looked after the couple, said: “It was heart-warming and very emotional to help this lovely couple and their family. The team all pulled together to make sure they were reunited and everyone had to act quickly, from the physio to the pharmacist to make this happen in time.

“This was one of the proudest moments in my nursing career; having Freda and William together in the same room with their daughter between them; it was so special.

“It was wonderful to see Maureen again and we appreciate their generous donation to the ward.”

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