February 3, 2023 6.00 pm This story is over 14 months old

Lincoln builder urges men to get checked after surviving testicular cancer

“If you’re unsure about anything, go to the doctors”

A 35-year-old builder from Lincoln said he wished he’d done something about it sooner and is urging men to get themselves checked after surviving testicular cancer.

Matt Gallimore told The Lincolnite that he had “suspicions something wasn’t quite right” over six months ago, but at the time “didn’t think much of it and left it”.

Around three months ago he started to get some swelling, but had no other symptoms and thought it was due to an injury. As the swelling got bigger, and his testicle felt more heavy, he knew he had to do something about it so went to his GP in November last year.

Matt leads an active lifestyle, but wishes he’d gone to the doctors much sooner after feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

He had an ultrasound scan in December 2022 which came back as “suspicious” and he said he was told to go for a biopsy and that he would need the testicle removed for them to be able to test if it was cancerous.

Matt went into hospital in January 2023 for surgery.

Matt, who owns his own company called Matt Gallimore Building Services Ltd, said: “I broke down. It’s not what you want to hear. I had to wait six weeks for my surgery date which was one of the worst parts as well. It was a 6.8cam tumour and made me realise I should have done something sooner.

“If you’re unsure about anything, go to the doctors, as I never thought I’d get anything like this. Guys often don’t want to go because they are embarrassed, but you need to get checked.”

Matt at the summit of Mount Snowdon one week before his surgery.

Matt had the surgery on January 11 this year. A few weeks later he got results back saying it was cancer, but that it had all been removed during the surgery. He has another appointment on Monday, February 6 to see what will happen next and if he needs any treatment as a prevention, or if it will be three-monthly check-ups.

He also had a prosthetic testicle fitted at the same time as the surgery.

Matt was told to have six weeks rest. After a few weeks he returned to light duties at work and said: “It shows how important it is and if you’re unsure about anything to get it checked straight away.”

Matt competing at a Winter Tough Guy event.

He said: “I wish I’d done something soon as if I’d left it any longer it would have spread. The sooner you catch it the better the outcome.

“You don’t think you’ll get this as a 35-year-old, people don’t always think like that, but it does. I’m trying not to think about it and to stay fit and healthy.”

Matt is focusing his energy on raising awareness, as well as vital funds for the Cancer Research UK charity, which he will do by taking on two challenging events this year.

Donate to Matt’s fundraiser here

Matt is starting to do light work again in the gym.

During the weekend of May 26-28 this year, Matt will take part in a Royal Marines commando and military experience – the Civvy 2 Commando (C2C) Weekend, which he describes as like a “boot camp”. In the build up to the event, he will be doing a 12-week marine training plan.

On June 17, he will take on The Fan Dance with The Special Forces Experience (TSFE), which is a 24k march in the Brecon Beacons, the infamous SAS selection test. Matt will also be carrying around 45lb Bergen (military backpack).

Matt said he did a project for Lincoln Cathedral on one of their properties, and this was his firm’s compound area.

Matt added: “I feel pretty much fully active now. I get some pain every now and then, but can do light things in the gym and at work to stay active. I will start my 12-week marine training programme at the beginning of March when I hope to be pretty much recovered.

“I’ve done a few challenges in the past. The reason I chose to do it again is it strengthens your mental health and body, and gives me something to focus on. I want to get strong in the mind and body.”

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