February 24, 2023 5.00 pm This story is over 12 months old

Viral TikTok trend sparks protests at Lincoln and Boston schools

Claims students are unhappy with school rules

Protests have taken place at Lincoln and Boston schools amid claims that students are unhappy with rules.

It follows a national wave of protests which children have organised via TikTok and social media.

A video from The Priory Lincoln Academy on Skellingthorpe Road in Lincoln appears to show a lot of students running around, which was allegedly arranged by pupils.

A parent of a pupil at the Lincoln school said a message was circulated from other pupils last night allegedly asking students to refuse to go to lesson in the morning, saying “this is in protest of school skirts and mental health”.

She claims the kids are “protesting over toilet breaks, unfair detentions over uniform, and being generally not happy at school.” As a parent, she says she supports the pupils’ view.

She kept her Year 10 daughter off of school due to “the insane rules”.

A screenshot from one of the videos at Haven High. | Screenshot: TikTok

Various TikTok videos filmed at Haven High Academy in Boston also show a group of students gathered on the school field, a poster saying ‘we need our freedom’, and what appears to be a tussle between a student and a teacher.

Lincolnshire Police said it is looking into reports of a video of the protests circulating online.

A spokesperson for Haven High Academy said: “Yesterday (Thursday, February 23) a group of students decided to imitate a trend relating to school protests that has been trending on TikTok. Such school protests have happened in numerous schools throughout the country.

“Haven High Academy is keen to listen to the viewpoint of all our students and we really value our Student Voice, however it is vital that students share any concerns in the right way.

Students gathered on the school field. | Screenshot: TikTok

“Whilst some students did share their views of both themselves and their peers through meaningful dialogue, a very small number used the opportunity to misbehave.

“Today (Friday, February 24) the site is calm and orderly. We are very proud of the good behaviour and attitude of the large majority of our 1,400 students.

“We will continue to have high expectations for student behaviour, and ensure our academy is a safe place for all students to enjoy their learning and achieve their potential.”

The Lincolnite has also contacted The Priory Lincoln Academy for a statement of response.

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