May 4, 2023 7.00 am This story is over 10 months old

Local Elections 2023: Key messages and issues as polls open

Seats across Lincolnshire up for grabs

Voters from across Lincolnshire are going to the polls on Thursday to choose who will represent them on their local council.

This year’s local elections will see all the district councils along with North and North East Lincolnshire holding a vote — and you’ll need photo ID to vote. Polls open at 7am and close at 10pm.

Over the past few weeks, reporters have been asking party leaders for what they what they would deliver if elected.

Here’s what they had to say:

This year, Independents are hoping to make a push for success county-wide, but they could have a challenge on their hands.

A total of 181 hopeful candidates across the county have chosen not to run under a national political party in this year’s local elections – an increase of around 46% since the last time most of these seats were contested.

This will be the first election where the controversial VoterID is required.

The Elections Bill introduced the requirement to show photographic identification when voting in person at polling stations.

This requirement will apply to UK Parliamentary elections across Great Britain. It will be rolled out through secondary legislation to mayoral and council elections and local referendums in England, and Police and Crime Commissioner elections in England and Wales.

Accepted forms of ID include:

  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • Blue badge
  • Older person’s bus pass
  • Disabled person’s bus pass

See the full list of accepted forms of ID online here.

Concerns around VoterID include that it is discriminatory to certain groups, particularly those who have never used photo IDs and the young who might not have a valid ID.

One of the biggest dangers to local democracy, however, is voter apathy.

This has already become apparent in some local wards, where candidates have been able to walk into seats without a challenge.

And the situation is even worse at parish/town council ward level.

If you can, try to get to your local polling station and put that mark on the ballot paper, even if you spoil it, at least make your voice heard in some way.

Reporters will be covering the vote overnight. Come back on Thursday night/Friday morning for the latest.

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