June 2, 2023 7.00 pm This story is over 9 months old

Historic Boston building to get new lease of life as boutique hotel

Application to Boston Borough Council aims to preserve historic building

A developer has submitted plans for a historic Boston building in a bid to halt the “campaign of wanton destruction” on it.

Boston Borough Council will be asked for permission to transform a former solicitors’ office into a boutique hotel.

The building, located at 27-29 Wide Bargate, is a Grade II listed property within Boston’s Conservation Area.

The developer, Mr. Smith, has commissioned Neil Dowlman Architecture to prepare a Design and Access Statement for the proposed refurbishment and change of use.

Previously, the building accommodated a reception, library, and offices across one to three storeys.

The proposal envisions a transformation of the building into a hotel, complete with a reception area, a restaurant, and 26 bedrooms.

A design and access statement submitted to the authority said: “The applicant is very keen to keep this building in use and halt the campaign of wanton destruction that the building is currently suffering from.

“27-29 Wide Bargate has recently stopped its use as a solicitors but has been vacant and has deteriorated in recent years due to vandalism, but remains an important building in the street scene.

“It is believed that the development will function well and add to the overall quality of the area, not just for the short term but over its lifetime.

“The proposed use integrates well within the extent of the existing surroundings and will add to the character and interest of the area and will have minimal impact on the infrastructure and visual amenity of the urban scape.”

Designs for how the new frontage could look.

The proposal includes the refurbishment or sensitive replacement of windows, doors, and timberwork to the front elevation.

It also plans to reinstate the shop front, making the building an active part of the street scene once more.