January 17, 2024 2.59 pm

Bronson and Kenneth Battersby’s tragic Skegness deaths: What we know so far

The boy’s mum blames social services for her son’s death

The Lincolnshire town of Skegness is grappling with the emotion of the tragic deaths of 60-year-old Kenneth Battersby and his two-year-old son Bronson, prompting a rapid review of the case from the local council and social services.

Lincolnshire Police were made aware of the deaths of 60-year-old Kenneth Battersby and two-year-old Bronson at a property on Prince Alfred Avenue in Skegness at around 3.25pm on January 9, 2024. Bronson was found curled up dead at the legs of his deceased father, who died around 10 days before from a heart condition.

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