Aged with oak from a naturally felled tree which grew on the South Ormsby Estate for 150 years, Massingberd-Mundy Distillery’s Oak Aged Gin combines the characteristics of Britain’s two favourite spirits: gin and whisky.

Infused with the finest Tahitian vanilla and oak aged, the gin is a rich, luxurious creation that’s limited to just 100 bottles.

Since the launch of its first spirits in 2020, Massingberd-Mundy Distillery has quickly become one of the most prestigious distilleries in the region, winning a series of local, national and international accolades. These include awards from the World Gin Awards, The IWSC, The Gin Guide and the Craft Gin Club.

Head distiller, Tristan Jørgensen, who creates all of the distillery’s spirits using a hand-built copper still named Angelica, began his career at the Laphroaig Distillery on the Scottish island of Islay before producing gins for a number of craft distilleries in England and launching Massingberd-Mundy Distillery.

Each bottle is individually hand packed

Tristan explained that his new Oak-Aged gin is a particularly special creation as it combines his expertise in gin with his love of whisky production:

“Our limited edition Oak Aged Gin is a mash-up of my two favourite drinks; gin and whisky and I’m really proud of it because it brings me right back to working as a mash and stillman at Laphroaig.

“To produce this, we infuse our award-winning juniper-led Burrell’s Dry Gin with Tahitian vanilla and gently age it with wood chips taken from a magnificent tree which fell in a storm just a short walk from the distillery. Since it fell, the tree has been carefully seasoned and dried at a local sawmill and I’ve been lucky enough to use some of it to flavour these gins.

“Because oak has such a powerful flavour, we use it to age the gin for just under two weeks to get the smoky, caramel tones to blend perfectly with the more subtle tastes of juniper and the creamy, slightly nutty flavour of Tahitian vanilla.

“I absolutely love this gin and I hope we’ll be able to produce more of it in future, but, for now, it’s a strictly limited run of just 100 bottles and once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

Massingberd-Mundy Distillery is a craft distillery based at South Ormsby Estate

Massingberd-Mundy Distillery’s Oak Aged Gin is only available from the South Ormsby Estate website while stocks last. The gin goes on general sale from Monday 13th June, with registered Friends of the Estate having early access.

To purchase a bottle, and to find out more about Massingberd-Mundy Distillery and its range of small-batch craft gins, visit www.southormsbyestate.co.uk/distillery.

Elevate your business to new heights with Business Lincolnshire’s 2022 Next Level Scale Up Programme, fully-funded for businesses across Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland!

The two-year programme is offering 12 business owners collaborative workshops and one-to-one support, as well as the opportunity to engage with specialist advisors.

The Next Level Scale Up programme has been created by Business Lincolnshire to support business leaders in developing their management and leadership skills, offering the chance to upscale through rapid growth experiments.

Workshops included within the programme will focus on a number of key areas, starting with Personal Leadership, which will cover the definition of leadership, time management, resilience and how you understand yourself as a leader. The day will finish with the Growth Sprint Event led by Sean Sankey.

1-to-1 sessions with professional coaches will be available alongside the workshops, helping businesses identify their leadership growth accelerators and clarify their key priorities.

Available to a limited number of businesses and brand new this year, the Zellar sustainability platform will also provide support to businesses wanting to become more environmentally conscious at the event.

Businesses can sign up by visiting businesslincolnshire.com.

The ‘It’s Not a Job’ campaign, launched in March 2022, continues to build momentum in Lincolnshire as it shines a light on the fantastic care professionals already working in the adult social care sector.

To attract more people to the profession, Lincolnshire County Council celebrates carers with short film depicting a day in the life of two carers, Kai Wade (21) from Lincoln and Gina Bennett (45) from Boston.

The film shows a typical working day; the carers enjoy the company of their service users, and the sense of purpose gained by supporting someone to continue living independently is a clear message throughout.

The film goes beyond showing how rewarding and valuable the home care profession can be, it also highlights the benefits to the carer for their work-life balance. Gina finishes her shift in time for an afternoon dog walk, and Kai spends quality time at the dinner table with his siblings.

Gina Bennett

Gina has worked her way up from carer, through to senior carer and now works as a CQL for Cera Care in Boston. She said, “It is where my heart lies, I really enjoy this line of work; it’s rewarding and enjoyable. I’d say, do this job if you genuinely care – happy people make a happy workplace.” 

Kai works for Fosse Healthcare in Lincoln as a management support officer; his role involves both administrative duties and providing care in the home.

He said, “I took an interest in home care because I have family working in the sector. Since I started, I’ve found I’m more in touch with my compassionate side and I’ve developed my people skills through getting to know the people I care for and colleagues in the office.”

Kai Wade

A career in adult social care allows people to make a difference to the lives of others whilst still having time for other commitments. Prior experience and qualifications are not essential. What is most important is kindness, patience, and compassion. Care providers are looking for people with transferrable skills and a good work ethic.

A network of nine home care providers work with Lincolnshire County Council to deliver the home care service across the county. Lincolnshire County Council has created a handy, short online form to help people in Lincolnshire connect with their local care providers to find flexible home care roles.

A single enquiry form on the webpage streamlines the process by connecting jobseekers with the care providers most suited to their location and preferences. Upon completing the short form, one of the county’s homecare providers will be in touch to answer questions and help to find a suitable role.

Find out more about starting a career in care

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