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Don’t let your Christmas go up in smoke

Christmas is fast approaching, but as we’re all looking forward to the seasonal celebrations, it’s important to remember a few fire safety tips so your Christmas doesn’t go up in smoke.

Did you realise that most of our favourite festive traditions such as cooking Christmas dinner, decking the halls and enjoying a drink or two – could all have the potential for disaster? Some of our much-loved festivities can bring a whole cocktail of fire risks into the home, and it’s easy to let safety slip your mind when you’re busy with holiday preparations.

For example, distractions can result in cooking and candles being left unattended – and the added influence of alcohol makes it even more important to stay alert. By being aware of these risks and making a few simple checks though, you can ensure you and your loved ones celebrate in safety.

So, on behalf of Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, here are some top tips to ensure you have a happy and safe Christmas:

One last point to think about is that Christmas is the season of good will. Have you thought about checking on your elderly relatives or neighbours? Because they’re at greater risk from fire.

Have a safe and merry Christmas!