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Liveblog rewind: East Midlands European Elections: The debate

Catch up with the East Midlands European Elections live debate organised by The Lincolnite and Siren FM at the University of Lincoln.

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That’s a wrap! Thank you for following our live debate, and we hope it helps you make a decision on voting day.

Live blogging for your today was Elizabeth Fish, Kelly Pyart and Alexandra Lazar. Don’t forget, you can still continue the debate in our comments or on the hashtag.

What a fascinating debate! Democracy at its finest!

Labour’s candidate Linda Woodings “We stand up for the ordinary working people of this region.” Explaining why you should vote Labour in the elections.

“The only reason they are promising a referendum is because Conservative are scared” – Roger Helmer affirms for UKIP

The final question: “How do our panelists see the future of the European Union and whose views do they feel they are representing?”

A couple of minutes left guys, the presenter from Siren FM Andrew David announces.

“It’s now a PR voting system” according to Katharina Boettege after confirming that they want a referendum on British membership of the EU.

Keep your opinions coming, we love hearing your feedback about YOUR potential MEP.

Brendan Clarke- Smith: “I’m representing my view, and everyone else’s I hope.” Whilst, Bill Newton Dunn says his first priority is to meet voter’s needs and views.

This last question reads “What are the three key issues which Europe is facing in 2014 and through the next Parliamentary term?”

Twitter is getting very rowdy out there. A lot of people with mixed opinions. Apparently they look like they are being forced to become MEP.

Moving on to question number 6 and the debate is getting more intense!

Katharina Boettge “Unfortunately, this Government has a big corporate agenda”

Katharina Boettege an East Midland’s Green Party candidate points out we’d have to begin completely anew after leaving the EU.

“That’s an outrageous slur.” Some disagreement going on between Linda Woodings and Roger Helmer!

The debate is in full swing now

Linda Woodings, the Labour candidate is also a Trade Union representative for call workers and says the Human Rights Act, and our employment rights from the EU give real benefits.

Linda Woodings: “We need to stay in the EU and we need to vote Labour to stop that from happening”

Brendan Clarke-Smith the Conservative candidate says we get no real benefit from the Human Rights Act.

“I don’t think we have anything to learn from Europe on that.”

“This is a deal that works both ways.” Nice quote about the UK’s relationship with the EU from Katharina Boettege.

A audience member who renounced her South African citizenship some years ago argues how being in the EU is beneficial to the UK.

Gregor Smith goes on asking question number 5 :” If Britain were to leave the EU, would the panel protect or repeal these safeguards? “

The Green Party candidate Katharina Boettege: “The 200,000 is misleading. If people return to this country they are counted as an immigrant.”

Roger Helmer the UKIP MEP, “the problem is numbers.”

Linda Woodings “I don’t think the British people are racist people.”

Linda Woodings, our Labour candidates: “We are not a rascist people.”

Katharina Boettege, a German immigrant who is the Green Party candidate, says it isn’t fair for UKIP to blame EU immigrants for the failings of British infrastructure.

Linda Woodings “Just because public services are failing, it doesn’t mean we have to blame the immigrants”

Roger Helmer, UKIP member: “I am absolutely not opposed to foreign individuals. We are not against hiring foreigners, what we’re against is about numbers that are so large that put pressure on our infrastructure, in our schools, hospitals and such.”

Brendan Clarke-Smith, Conserative candidate brings it back to the question in debate.

Bill Newton Dunn of the Lib Dems

Linda Woodings from Labour, says we need a posted worker’s directive that is effective at stopping immigrant workers being brought over on low-paid jobs.

Linda Woodings proposes to stop employment agencies from only advertising jobs on the European continent.

Lib-dem MEP Bill Newton Dunn points out that Roger Helmer’s family are dutch. Controversy?

Katharina Boettege, Green Party is from Germany and does view an immigration policy as biased and unfair.

Roger Helmer :”We favourite European immigrants, who may be skilled or unskilled, but we discriminate non-European skilled one.”

Roger Helmer again, says that we favour EU workers whilst discriminating against higher skilled people from other countries.

Roger Helmer, UKIP, “How can you say that having an immigration policy is not rascist.”

Moving on to question number 4 :”Does the panel think that it is truly racist to extricate the UK from the EU freedom of movement of the Maastricht Treaty?”

The Twitter followers are loving the debate with Rosie Kelly’s social media round-up. They are loving the controversy and heated debate.

Roger Helmer “You young people won’t have jobs in 10 years time if we continue doing what we’re doing!”

Roger Helmer, the UKIP current MEP and candidate for this month’s EU elections says we don’t need to be in the EU for better deals with power.

Katharine Boettege, Green Party candidate: “Buildings should be built to be more effectively. Climate change can only be targeted by the EU policies and our neighbours. The weather doesn’t stop at our borders.”

Linda Woodings puts emphasis on the need for saving 20% energy by the year 2020. “Climate change can only be changed through an EU perspective, with our neighbours. Climate change doesn’t stop at National Borders.”

Bill Newton Dunn :”We should try fracking, but be careful in the long run”

Lib- Dem Bill Newton Dunn: “Wherever you try fracking, there is a possible danger on what you can’t see with the ground. We need a steady supply.”

Bill Newton Dunn :”We should try fracking, but be careful in the long run”

What do you think of the debate so far? Let us know!

The Conservative candidate Brendan Clarke-Smith: “I don’t want to see local authorities and people have restrictions placed on them. It’s not particularly fair. “

Katharina explains about her opinion on wind turbines. “I personally don’t mind them, I find them quite pleasing. I would like to see far more offshore.”

Green Party candidate, Katharina Boettege: “Think about the floodings, the extreme conditions, we have to leave the planet for our children and grandchildren to live here.”

Katharina Boettge talks about reaching the end of fossil fuels. “We have to change to renewables.”

“We’re facing climate change, which is going to be a huge catastrophe.”

Geoff Ward, an audience member delivers the third question: ” What does the panel think of the issue of the wind energy companies targeting Lincolnshire in particular for onshore wind dvelopments?”

Brendan Clarke-Smith: “It’s not the Eurovision Song contest it’s business. Money talks.”

Labour’s candidate Linda says that “we would be mad to leave the EU” because it brings a lot of revenue into the country.

The discussions are getting heated between Lib Dem Bill Newton-Dunn and Labour candidate Linda Woodings.

Linda Woodings, the Labour candidate, says it’s ludicrous of UKIP to say that we could go it alone.

Bill Newton Dunn “We would do better as an independent country, negotiating our own deals around the world.”

Bill Newton Dunn “Do you imagine that China, America and Russia sit around discussing on how to trade?” He affirms that we would do better as on our own, so we aren’t linked to the EU.

We’ve moved on to the second question of the night, which asks the panel whether the UK can sustain its influence on Internal Market legislation as an EU member.

Bill Newton- Dunn the Liberal Democrat MEP: “The farmers did very well with the agricultural policy.”

“EU has brought over 60 years of unbroken peace” says Bill Newton-Dunn of the Lib Dems.

Brendan Clarke-Smith the Conservative MEP candidate, reckons Lincolnshire doesn’t get any benefit from the EU.

“The EU doesn’t do a lot for Lincolnshire.” Brendan Clarke-Smith says in response to a question about how Lincolnshire benefits from EU membership

The first question of the night is now being answered by Linda Woodings one of the Labour candidates.

The question tackles the subject of Lincolnshire’s benefits from the European Union.

Andrew David is now presenting tonight’s candidates and giving them brief presentations.

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And we’re live!

Are you voting in the European Elections on Thursday May 22? If so, tell us who you’re voting for and why? If not, also tell us why! Get involved in the conversation tonight with #LincsEU14

Audience still getting seated, we have a very full house this evening!

Here’s where the panel of five candidates will be seated

Sitting on our select panel for the European Elections debate tonight are:

– Bill Newton Dunn – Liberal Democrat MEP and candidate

– Roger Helmer – United Kingdom Independence Party MEP and candidate

– Brendan Clarke-Smith – Conservative MEP candidate

– Katharina Boettege – Green Party MEP candidate

– Linda Woodings – Labour MEP candidate

Just 10 minutes to go! What are you hoping gets covered by the panel tonight?

With voters’ choice affecting directly who runs EU’s executive body, more than 90 television channels in 21 member states have agreed to show, for free, the TV spot in the running up period before the elections.

Take a look at the election TV spot HERE :)

Before we start, take a look at this infographic showing how this year’s voting procedure gives voters more power than in former elections.

When proposing the candidate for the presidency of the European Council, member states must take into consideration the results of the European elections.

The audience members are starting to enter the studio, ready for the debate at 7.30pm. Until then, we’ll help you understand how EU elections and voting works.

So, i’m sure I’m not the only one wondering how on earth all this voting for the European Elections works?

Well, I came across this and it’s brilliant!! Give it a watch to understand how it all works!

Good evening, welcome to the live blog for the East Midlands European debate, hosted by The Lincolnite and Siren FM. Bringing you all the latest updates, facts and more will be Elizabeth Fish, Kelly Pyart and Alexandra Lazar.

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