December 16, 2010 9.48 am This story is over 155 months old

Falling Terrace slates to be replaced

Falling tile: Councillors agreed for building slate to be replaced after it began to fall onto the street.

An application to replace falling building tiles from a public building has been passed by the City of Lincoln Council Planning Committee on December 15.

The Committee agreed that The Terrace, an incubation hub next to The Collection museum, was in need of repair due to a large tile falling onto the street.

Although the building was only erected five years ago, it has become apparent the slate used for the building is prone to delamination.

The slate that fell from the building had split under strain, causing the face to fall off the workspace.

The council agreed the building slate be replaced, despite not being shown any of the building materials that would be used to replace it.

Their main concern was that the replacement slate should look the same as the tiles surrounding the delaminated area.

The Terrace is situated in the Cultural Quarter of the city, and offers 50 workshops, studios and offices to businesses as well as conference rooms and a cafe.

— Update: Economic Sustainability and Tourism Programme Manager Kate Ellis, said: “As soon as we were aware there was a problem with the material used to clad the Terrace building, we made the area safe with scaffolding and netting.

“We’ve now investigated the material and after taking specialist advice, have opted to replace the cladding on the whole building with a more suitable material.

“We believe there is a fault with the original cladding and are now looking into the matter.  We’re pleased that planning permission has been granted to carry out this work.

“We will now source a suitable alternative material and, subject to the approval of that material by the Planning Committee, set about replacing the cladding.”

Work is scheduled to start taking place in January 2011.

Photo: City of Lincoln Council