December 24, 2010 11.04 am This story is over 139 months old

Police log reveals time wasters

Logged: For the first time Lincolnshire Police released details of every single incident reported over a 24-hour period.

Lincolnshire Police released a log of almost 500 calls it has received in 24 hours, highlighting the amount of non-esential call-outs the force receives daily.

This is the first time Lincolnshire Police released details of every single incident reported over a 24-hour period.

The move comes after Manchester Police tweeted in real time every incident it dealt with over a 24-hour period in October, totalling 3,205 tweets.

However, Lincolnshire Police’s call log was not revealed as-it-happened on Twitter, but rather as a list of incidents from 30 days ago.

The Lincolnshire Police call log contains 490 incidents logged for the 24-hour period from 12 noon on Saturday, November 27 to 12 noon Sunday, November 28.

Incidents include 999 calls, non-emergency calls and reports to police stations, and was released publicly and to the media on December 24.

The call log also reveals that out of 490 incidents logged in 24 hours, Lincolnshire Police made public reports about 13 serious incidents the following Monday.

See the full call log here, where you can annotate any incidents of note.

Among the most notable calls the force recorded in the log are:

  • 12.36: youth riding a lawn mower in the street in Boston;
  • 12.56: neighbour dispute in Skegness;
  • 13.31: malicious text and e-mail in Lincoln;
  • 14.01: cat run over; caller doesn’t know who to contact;
  • 15.12: hoax 999 call from phone box in Lincoln;
  • 16.47: people doing wheel spins in Deeping St James;
  • 20.38: call from farmer that he will be vermin shooting;
  • 07.53: report of parking blocking entrance;
  • 10.36: report of inconsiderate parking blocking driveway;

Alongside the less common cases highlighted above, the force also dealt with 18 assaults and arrested 28 people in the 24 hours logged.

Lincolnshire Police Chief Constable Richard Crompton said: “The five hundred or so incidents dealt with by the Force over this 24 hour period just shows the variety of issues we deal with on a daily basis.

“Perhaps the only untypical ones are the reports of snowball throwing and icy roads but it also demonstrates the importance of making careful judgements on the deployment of resources and deciding which are urgent and which can be left a while and others which can be sorted out with a telephone conversation.

“The majority of calls are genuine and important to the people making them and consequently the way we respond to every request is important as well.

“I hope this snapshot of a day in the life of Lincolnshire Police will demonstrate just what we have to deal with, but what won’t be obvious is the amount of time we have to spend on many of the reports to ensure we meet the expectations of the caller.”

Source: Lincolnshire Police | Related Report: Lincolnshire Echo