Lincoln MP: ‘You’ll spend 25 days this year just paying Labour’s credit card bill’

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Editor’s note: Karl McCartney is the Conservative MP for Lincoln. You can email him at [email protected].

New research has shown that someone on average earnings in Lincoln will spend 25 days working this year just paying the interest on Labour’s debts.

Labour left the country with an annual overspend of £156 billion, greater than at any point in our peacetime history.

Money spent just paying the interest on their £790 billion debt bill is money that could otherwise be spent on front line services.

Whilst I welcome the news that average wages have increased across Lincolnshire quicker than the national average over the last 5 years, and the recent reduction in those unemployed in Lincoln, Labour’s addiction to debt means each and every taxpayer now has to spend weeks of their working year toiling just to pay the interest bill that we have inherited from Labour.

If we had listened to the Labour Party, the debt would now be £100 billion higher. They must never be put in charge of our public finances again.