March 17, 2011 2.18 pm This story is over 156 months old

Seven-day comic shows off his wares

Comic Relief: A student had just seven days to prepare for a stand-up gig in front of a live audience, all for charity.

Nineteen-year-old University of Lincoln student Jamie Freshwater decided to learn stand up comedy in seven days in the aid of Comic Relief and perform at the LPAC in front of a live audience.

Freshwater said the idea was the product of a university radio assignment: “My friends challenged me to learn stand up comedy and perform within seven days, all to help support Red Nose Day by raising money.

“So over those seven days I put together an act ready to perform.” He performed his stand up on Thursday at the LPAC theatre’s cafe.

“It was really scary since it was my first proper gig and it wasn’t just my friends, since I performed in the café area a lot people watched and had lunch.

“I did a dry run for the university’s comedy society on Monday and it did go really well too.” Freshwater manged to raise £20 for Comic Relief.

He looked for inspiration for material by watching the news and current affair programmes, “though especially a lot of it came from the stories off This Morning.”

But the life of a comedian won’t be a career Freshwater will pursue any time soon.

“I’ll definitely not do it for a while since it was just a rush learning it in a week. Being a good comedian takes time.

“What I’ll do is probably practice my act and also improve and expand on my material then try again.”

To donate to Comic Relief, follow this link.