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Josh is currently studying Journalism at the University of Lincoln. He reports on a variety of subjects related to the Lincoln community.

Internet sensations have a habit of cropping up overnight, and within days everyone has seen their breakthrough video or images.

As it happens, Lincoln has some of its own successful individuals that found a little bit of internet fame thanks to YouTube. Here are ten of the best.


Thomas Ridgewell, a former media production student at the University of Lincoln, famously created the “banned University of Lincoln adverts”, where Tom sells the university in a surreal way. The videos were even featured on E4 TV show, Rude Tube. Most of Tom’s videos though comprise of surreal sketches and animations.

Elliot Morris

Acoustic singer Elliot Morris (23) began learning the guitar in school, but switched from electric to acoustic. Outside of YouTube, Elliot tours at festivals, gets regularly featured on BBC Introducing, and plays at a variety of local gigs.

OMFG It’s Jack and Dean

This pair from the University of Lincoln describe themselves on their channel as “We make funny videos to avoid getting a proper job”. Their channel consists of sketches which see the duo in a series of humorous surreal situations.

Tim Johns

Tim Johns is probably better known as the founder and organiser of Lincoln Shorts festival — an event celebrating local media talent. On his own channel though, Tim creates a series of funny videos, ranging from songs to voiceovers of the things he sees in Lincolnshire. One such example is a parody of soap Neighbours, using the horses on the West Common.


Local resident Chris Bingham films a range of high quality videos designed to make you giggle, such as interrogating a dog or drawing with bread. Language NSFW.

Electric Egg

Based in Sparkhouse studios, Electric Egg produce video documentaries centred on military history. The team also produce videos for a number of local concerns and work with photography and animation.

Tyler Farghly

A previous entrant of the Lincoln Shorts film festival, Tyler creates humorous videos as he experiments with special effects with his friends.

The Fratocrats

These twin brothers both study at the University of Lincoln and have a channel dedicated to funny events that the two of them get involved in. Language NSFW.

Tom Bown

Tom Bown’s channel sees him in various situations and modern day dilemmas. One of which, Bown vs. fitness, finds Tom trying to get into shape after weighing himself.

Ignite Church

Pastor Darren Edwards has produced a video blog following the exploits of his group as they begin to set up a community church in the Moorland area. It includes vlogs about the members getting ready to move to the city, and their plans for when they arrive.

To celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who, a group of Lincoln residents are putting on a festival to celebrate the science fiction show.

The festival, which will be held on August 31 at The Ritz Cinema, will celebrate the anniversary of the popular show that follows the adventures of an alien time lord and iconic blue police box.

Co-organiser Steve Healey said: “We have a few guests coming, like Colin Baker and head writer of the show, Phil Ford. Were going to show a few episodes on the big screen.”

For children, people will dress up as classic Doctor Who monsters, and create a horror fun house in the upper areas of the Ritz.

“We’re going to use the upper rooms to get people to dress up as monsters and scare people,” added Healey “So far we have a couple of Daleks, Davros (the leader of the Daleks), a Cyberman and many more.”

Lincoln has a few small connections with the show, ranging from the well-known Dalek in Waterstones bookshops and a house near the Arboretum, to actually featuring in a few old episodes.

Healey has previously been involved in producing a special feature about Doctor Who.

“We’re doing a five-minute film about a little girl whose wishes always come true. Bits of it will be filmed with the a Lincoln resident’s Tardis shed.

“It’s going to be set around the current Doctor Who series, but his mind has been transferred to another body.”

Find out more about the event in our Events Section

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