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Family tributes for “loveable rogue” Sonny Grey

Loving tributes: The family of Sonny Grey have been leaving tributes after his murder this month.

The family of the late Sonny Grey have paid tributes to remember him after his murder earlier this month.

Lincolnshire Police are investigating the vicious attack on Grey after he was found dead at his home on Westwick Gardens. Precious jewellery had been stolen.

Sonny was born a Romany gypsy, travelling the country in a traditional caravan before moving permanently to Lincoln 40 years ago.

He lived on the St Giles estate then moved to Westwick Gardens with his partner and the mother of two of his 10 children, Evelyn Nelson.

Miss Nelson (69) said: “He was loved by us so much and he had such a big heart, not everyone saw that, but we did because he was always there for us and he always looked after us.

“Whenever I was stressed he’d be straight round and I’d have a smile on my face again.”

Peige (18) and Codie Nelson (11), who called him their grandfather, have very fond memories of the pensioner.

Peige said: “I spent a lot of time with him as I was growing up and we were really close.

“We’d always go to the auctions at Newark and he’d buy me a big bag of chips and curry sauce.

“He bought me a horse called Dingle when I was little too – he was so generous.

“Since he’s been gone I’m struggling to eat enough and I’m not sleeping. I just lie awake thinking about him coming back to visit us.”

Codie added: “He bought me a bike and some toys and he always bought me ice cream – I loved him to bits.”

The whole family, who are shocked by the level of violence inflicted on Sonny, are urging the public to come forward if they have any information on his murder.

His son, Dean Nelson (27) said: “We are begging anyone with any information on this to come forward and tell the police.

“We want these people caught. If you’ve noticed anyone acting a bit dodgy since it happened, even if they’re in your own family – call the police.”

On the jewellery, Dean added: “That chain was handmade and there’s only so many of those horse’s head rings in the country.

“If you see one or someone tries to sell you one then please call the police.”

Anyone with information should contact Lincolnshire Police on 101, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Source: Lincolnshire Police