Lincoln council probe into 19 West Common trees cut illegally

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The City of Lincoln Council is investigating after a number of trees on the West Common were illegally cut.

Around 19 trees have been cut down along the north side of the common, off Long Leys Road.

The City Council, which manages Lincoln’s common land, is looking into the incident after complaints from several local residents.

Members of the Long Leys Residents Association first noticed the trees being cut around April 5.


Dozens of trees were cut on the West Common some time in early April.

After being reported to the council, an open spaces officer and a senior officer visited the site, and launched a two-week investigation into the issue.

The council could potentially take legal action over matters of criminal damage, dependent on the outcome of its enquiries.

A panoramic view of the felling.

A panoramic view of the felling.

Other local residents are currently helping the council with its enquiries over why the trees were removed.

Caroline Bird, Community Services Manager at the City of Lincoln Council said: “The removal of these trees is a serious matter and the council’s investigation into the incident is ongoing.”