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Behind the scenes at Trent Valley Gliding Club

Sky’s the limit: Volunteers at the Trent Valley Gliding Club, based at Kirton Lindsey, are encouraging thrill seekers to experience the popular community asset ahead of their open day on July 13.

Volunteers at the Trent Valley Gliding Club, based at Kirton Lindsey, are encouraging thrill-seekers to experience the popular community asset ahead of their Open Day on July 13.

The club invited The Lincolnite to their base at the Kirton Lindsey airfield on Sunday, July 6, to demonstrate the attraction of the sport and to showcase their community asset status awarded in June.

Gliding is a sport of unpowered flight. In order to compensate for not having an engine, the glider pilot must find areas of rising air to extend their flight time.

The glider is launched into the air by a pull cord and winch and after 80 to 120 launches pilots can take the step with the club to ‘go solo’.

From there, groups can take long distance journeys, competitions and even aerobatics.

The club, which is within easy access from Lincoln, Gainsborough, Scunthorpe and Brigg, has been in existence for over 45 years and has been at the site in Kirton Lindsey since 1975.

Richard Hannigan, the Chairman and Deputy Chief Flying Instructor at the club, said: “We’ve learned that the site is now going up for sale and is being actively marked by the Ministry of Defence.

“As a club we are working with North Lincolnshire Council to bring the site into their ownership so that we and other community groups can continue using the site.”

The club’s Open Day on July 13 is hoped to bring people on the the airfield and try their hand at the sport, which is already popular with many local groups.

All visitors on the day will be able to take part in a flight, or be awarded a voucher so that they can fly later if flying is not convenient.

There will also be various flying displays from the RAF Dakota of Conningsby, as well as an appearance from a Spitfire.

Club member Dick Bastin said: “I’ve been a member here at Trent Valley for 11 years. I came here on a trial flight and ended up getting the bug as many people to. Now I help other people to learn to fly.

“We are very popular with local groups and young people. We have people who visited with there Scout groups who then become members too.

“The instructors that we have here are very good. Some of our pilots are excellent and can keep the gliders afloat for hours at a time.”

Pete Dixon, who is a town councillor for Moor ward in North Hykeham and works at Lincoln County Hospital, has been flying at the club for five years.

He said: “I had my first flight when I was ten years old as my dad was in the air force and is felt amazing and I have been doing it ever since.

“It’s definitely one of those things to try. People talk about bucket lists nowadays and this has got to be on there.

“We do lots of vouchers that people can buy as Birthday presents and it’s a great experience for anyone of any ability.”

For details of gliding prices and membership, you can visit the fee page here.