Police warning: Lincoln cars targeted by thieves

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Lincolnshire Police are reminding motorists to remove all valuable items from vehicles, or at least from view, after a spike in Lincoln thefts.

Cars in a number of areas of the city have been targeted by thieves, who have smashed windows of vehicles to remove items from inside.

Some most recent incidents occurred in Lindum Terrace. In one incident, a brown shoulder bag was stolen from inside a Range Rover, and in Sewell Road a white Ford Transit van was broken into and the glove box searched.

In Welbourn Gardens a handbag was stolen from a black BMW; and in Minster Yard an Audi TT was broken into and an empty laptop bag taken.

Over the weekend, two incidents of theft, including from a car, only half a mile apart were reported in the Birchwood area of the city.

Inspector Judith Kent said: “We are reminding motorists and car owners to remove any valuable property or keep it out of sight when leaving their vehicles.

“Even if it is not of any real financial worth a bag or piece of property such as electricial equipment is enough of a temptation for a criminal to smash into a car and steal it just to see if it could be sold on. They will take anything that could mean any personal financial gain for them.

“We are also appealing to the public for help in finding out where the stolen property is going.

“Have you been offered any items such as bags, phones, wallets etc that seem used and could most likely have been stolen?

“If so we would really like to hear from you to find out who is selling stolen items on, this information could help us piece together a bigger crime picture.

“The inconvenience and frustration at having your car broken into is huge and by just taking a few simple steps to remember to remove or keep out of sight anything that could be appealing to a criminal, as well as making sure your vehicle is as secure as possible, could prevent you from becoming a victim of vehicle crime.”

If you have any information relating to the incidents mentioned, please call Lincolnshire Police on 101, or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.