Jason Bradbury fronts Lincoln campaign for cyclists and drivers to share the road

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A new campaign which asks motorists and cyclists to share the road with equal care is gathering speed after the launch of a new video presented by Gadget Show host Jason Bradbury.

Lincoln photographer, film-maker and cyclist Phil Crow wanted to encourage road users to be mindful of each other and do his bit to reduce the rate of collisions in the county.

He spoke with emergency services and the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership before putting together a short script in October 2015.

From there, the Share the Road campaign began to take shape.

The video features interviews from Lincolnshire Police, the East Midlands Ambulance Service, Sustrans, and driving schools and is hosted by Jason Bradbury, presenter of Channel 5’s The Gadget Show and keen cyclist.

It also includes shocking ‘dash cam’ footage taken by cyclists in the county.

Shots from the new Share the Road campaign video.

Shots from the new Share the Road campaign video.

The number of deaths on Lincolnshire’s roads since the beginning of 2016 stands at 26, and Phil wanted to raise awareness of the dangers that can arise from tensions between cyclists and drivers.

He said: ““I wanted to present a balanced argument to try and show motorists and cyclists that, with a bit of care and thought, we can all use the UK’s roads carefully and safely.

“Everyone has been really positive about what I’m trying to achieve and when I got Jason Bradbury to agree to present it I was beyond pleased!

“I just want as many people as possible to take a few minutes, watch the film and share it with their friends via Facebook, Twitter, email etc and if this saves just one life, then I’ve done my job.

“I regularly cycle (and drive) on Lincolnshire’s roads. It’s a wonderful county and always great to see more and more people out on two wheels.

“However, I am always amazed by some of the incidents and near misses I regularly see. My hope is that this film can go some way to raising awareness of how motorists and cyclists can share the road and hopefully reduce some of those incidents.”

The project has gained the support of North Kesteven District Council. Mike Lock, Leisure and Culture Services Manager, said: “It’s not aimed at pointing the finger at anyone, but showing that all road users have a right to be there and need to be aware of each other so that accidents don’t happen.

“Share the Road is timely as not only will the school summer holidays soon be upon us, but we also have the Giant Doddington Bike Ride taking place in the district on Sunday, August 14.”


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