Towerrific! Lincoln school students break Jenga world record

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Year 7 students at The Priory Academy LSST in Lincoln are awaiting official confirmation from Guinness that they have broken a world record.

Several hundred children took part in the attempt to remove and re-stack the most amount of Jenga bricks in one minute by one pair.

With the previous record standing at 15, the academy saw five pairs set a new mark – with Ronak Chaudhary and Bartlomiej Gasienica reaching 18 and 19 bricks removed in two of their games.

History teacher Tom Bayston, who organised the event with a group of Year 12 students, said: “We will be sending off evidence for all the students who broke the magic number. We brought in official witnesses and filmed every record attempt.

“The boys’ 19-brick attempt may be disqualified due to a rule break but we are confident that 18 bricks and the other three of 17, 17 and 16 will be fully confirmed and recognised. It was an exciting and thoroughly entertaining day.”

Record-breakers Ronak and Bartlomiej with teacher Tom Bayston


The event took place over several hours in LSST’s New Hall, where staff and students contributed more than 30 Jenga sets.

The students are expected to receive results of the record in around 15 weeks.