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Revealed: The streets with the most parking fines in Lincolnshire

Take a look at the top 20 here.

Almost 7,500 parking fines were handed out on just 20 streets across Lincolnshire in one year according to latest statistics.

Lincolnshire Reporter has compiled data provided by the Civil Parking Enforcement Team at Lincolnshire County Council to find out which streets are the most ticketed by parking wardens in the county.

In the year 2016, 7,496 parking charge notices were handed out to drivers on the top 20 most ticketed streets.

The streets with the highest number of parking fines issued in the 2016 financial year:

1. Market Place, Boston – 702 fines

Market Place in Boston had the highest number of fines issued in 2016. Photo: Google

2. Broad Street, Stamford –  572 fines

Broad Street in Stamford

3. Silver Street, Lincoln City – 531 fines

Silver Street in Lincoln. Photo: Google Street View

4. Lumley Road, Skegness – 461 fines

Lumley Road in Skegness. Photo: Google

5. Star Lane, Stamford – 450 fines

Star Lane in Stamford. Photo: Google

6. Wide Bargate, Boston – 433 fines

Wide Bargate, Boston. Photo: Google

7. Eastgate, Louth – 402 fines

Eastgate, Louth. Photo: Google

8. Bath Row, Stamford – 379 fines

Bath Row in Stamford. Photo: Google

9. West Street, Boston – 357 fines

West Street, Boston. Photo: Google

10. Park Street, Lincoln City – 353 fines

Park Street, Lincoln city centre. Photo: Google

11. Market Street, Gainsborough –  331 fines

Market Street, Gainsborough. Photo: Google

12. Westgate, Grantham – 323 fines

Westgate, Grantham. Photo: Google

13. Double Street, Spalding – 316 fines

Double Street, Spalding. Photo: Google

14. Grantham Street, Lincoln City – 302 fines

Grantham Street, Lincoln. Photo: Google

15. Sheep Market, Spalding – 299 fines

Sheep Market, Spalding. Photo: Google

16. Church Street, Gainsborough – 278 fines

Church Street, Gainsborough. Photo: Google

17. Waterside South, Lincoln City – 273 fines

Waterside South, Lincoln. Photo: Google

18. Heaton Street, Gainsborough – 263 fines

Heaton Street, Gainsborough. Photo: Google

19. Station Road, Stamford – 248 fines

Station Road, Stamford. Photo: Google

20. Aswell Street, Louth –  223 fines

In total, Lincolnshire County Council issued 30,818 parking charge notices in 2016.

Some 5,299 challenges were reviewed and 1,929 were granted by the council.

The income from parking charges from April 1 2016 to March 31 2017 was £1,010,561. Against costs, the county council was left with a surplus of £67,898.

In line with the Traffic Management Act 2004, any surplus from parking enforcement is ring-fenced and can only be used for the provision of the service, supplying or making good parking facilities, transport projects, environmental projects or set aside for potential losses for up to five years.

This year

Between April and October 2017, 4,342 parking fines have already been issued on many of the same streets.

The top five streets for April to October 2017 are:

  • Market Place, Boston
  • Silver Street, Lincoln City
  • Bath Row, Stamford
  • Broad Street, Stamford
  • Lumley Road, Skegness

Matt Jones, parking services manager at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “Unsurprisingly, the streets that tend to feature most are the busier town centre streets, where people are perhaps more tempted to park on double yellows while they nip into a shop.

“We’ve no plans to take a tougher approach to parking enforcement – we will simply continue to enforce the restrictions in a firm but fair manner.

“Last year, the service made a surplus of around £67,000, which is being used to finance the CCTV pilot project currently taking place at selected schools.”

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