November 20, 2017 11.00 am This story is over 55 months old

Adorable! Take a look at the hundreds of baby seals born at Donna Nook in Lincolnshire

How cute!

Hundreds of adorable seal pups can be found at this time of year at Donna Nook on the Lincolnshire coast.

Every November and December, seals give birth to their pups near the sand dunes, which is considered a wildlife haven and attracts visitors from across the UK.

The first pup was born this year on Friday, October 13 and as of Saturday, November 18, there are 1,201 pups currently making a home at Donna Nook.

So far this year, 516 bulls (male seals) and 1,390 cows (female seals) have also been spotted in the area protecting their young.

Last year, total number of 1,957 pups were born at Donna Nook, which was a 3% increase on the previous season – with even more predicted for 2017.

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