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Beginning with ‘A’: How many of these Lincolnshire words do you know?

Let us know how you get on!

Some of us might be familiar with words like ‘mardy’ and ‘duck’, but there’s much more variety to the traditional Yellowbelly tongue.

Lincolnshire has lost a great deal of its dialect over time. It is derived mainly from the Anglo Saxon language, mainly due to the agricultural background of the county.

As part of a special feature, we’re giving you the chance to test your Lincolnshire dialect. The first edition comprises words and phrases beginning with ‘A’.

How many of these ten words do you know?

  1. Aboon
  2. Addlins
  3. Airms
  4. Aisy
  5. An ‘all/ ann’ all
  6. Arpent
  7. Arrard
  8. Arsy-varsey
  9. Aud/ au’d
  10. Askey

Scroll down for the answers

Lincoln Cathedral. Photo: The Lincolnite

Photo: Emily Norton

Here are the answers:

  1. Aboon– above
  2. Addlins – earnings
  3. Airms– arms
  4. Aisy– easy
  5. An ‘all/ ann’ all– and all/ also
  6. Arpent– witty/ smart
  7. Arrard– tired
  8. Arsy-varsey – topsy-turvy
  9. Aud/ au’d– old
  10. Askey – Sideways/ not straight

How many did you get right?

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